Congratulations! You’ve just said, “yes!” to spending the rest of your life with your partner. Beaming with joy, you might be ready to shout it from the rooftops and tell everyone you’ve ever met. While it can be exciting for the congratulations to begin flooding in, there are few things to keep in mind before posting your engagement all over the internet.

1. Take photos

Just because you take them in the moment does not mean you need to post them right in the moment. Capture the moments, whether they are for Instagram or not. Photos will help you remember, but don’t let them overshadow living in the moment. Take a few to commemorate the proposal, or hire a photographer to capture the moment while you live it.

Romantic waterfall proposal in Iceland
Image via “Romantic waterfall proposal in Iceland” on Equally Wed

2. Enjoy the celebration

Whether you have an intimate proposal with just the two of you or you are celebrating with loved ones, do your best to soak in every moment. Don’t focus on wanting to tell everyone, but instead focus on who is there with you celebrating in the moment. Your engagement ring isn’t going anywhere, so posting to Instagram instantly is not required. Otherwise, you’ll be too busy checking messages from well-wishers to focus on the actual humans who are with you.

sharing your proposal on social media
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3. Is this the end of proposing?

Your partner has just proposed to you. For some couples, this is exactly what they want. For others, both partners want to propose. Before you share the news, talk with your partner and decide if you want to share the news after each proposal or after both of you have proposed.

sharing your proposal on social media
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4. Tell your closest people first

You’re excited and you want to tell the world your big news. Before you go and change your relationship status, be sure to tell people who have a personal investment in your relationship such as family members or close friends. They will want to feel like they matter more than that friend of a friend who follows you on Instagram.

family photo shoot proposal
Image via “Family photo shoot proposal” on Equally Wed

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