Exchanging gifts on the day of your wedding is a special event that many couples choose to take a part in. A sentimental present that will represent your love for your partner and mark the start of your life together. Give the gift to your soon-to-be spouse during your first look to capture the moment on camera. Getting ready separately? Have a member of your wedding party or a family member be the messenger to deliver the surprise. The perfect gift is one that comes from the heart and includes an emotional message. Not sure where to start? Consider ones of these timeless wedding day gifts.


Honeymoon ready

Heading out of the country for your honeymoon? Love to explore with your partner? Honor your future of adventures with a custom leather passport cover. Monogram the cover or inscribe the interior with a special message then get ready to travel the world with your spouse.

New Jersey summer garden weddingTime stops with you

A watch is a classic piece. Inscribe it with a love note that will stand the test of time. Much like a wedding ring it is a symbol that can be worn for all occasions.

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Love notes to remember

Memorable gifts don’t have to cost a cent. Write a note to your partner to tell them how excited you are to be marrying them and what you’re feeling about seeing them for the first time in their wedding day attire. Notes can be framed and kept forever, making them a great gift option.

Having an intimate moment during your gift exchange does not mean you have to spoil your first look if you don’t want to. Sit back to back, stand on opposite sides of a door or close your eyes and hold hands. You can experience a personal moment together without spoiling the moment of seeing each other as you walk down the aisle.

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Accessorize your look

Give a gift that can be put to use right away. Jewelry, cuff links, belts, hair clips and more can be worn on your wedding day. Just be sure to talk it out with your partner first or investigate what they will be wearing so that you don’t overstep something they’ve already got their heart set on. No one wants the pressure of choosing between two sentimental pieces.

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Rich with love

Pass along a love note that can always be carried. A wallet-sized card customized with your personal message can be passed on from wallet to wallet as an every day reminder to your partner that you love them.

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