A Starry Night Music, Inc

New York 1 10701
New York 1 10701

Welcome to A Starry Night Music. Providing your personal soundtrack since 1986. Each party is unique. We let the music speak for itself. Our disc jockeys and musicians maintain complete and absolute respect for your musical tastes. We play pure music without any gimmicks. Great music should be the inspiration. We work closely with each client to create an individualized song list, and to insure that your party reflects your personal style and musical tastes, not ours. We believe in discreet and tasteful use of the microphone for any announcements, or none at all if you prefer, because music has its own voice. You can have a fun party and still be elegant and tasteful. At A Starry Night we think of each wedding as a blank canvas on which to create a new and extraordinary moment. Our signature style is to never repeat the same wedding. Every event we create has only your individual identity. Each celebration is the reflection of our client’s unique style. We specialize in Brasilian jazz, world music, and latin music.

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