Amazing Bottle Dancers

Los Angeles 1 91001
Los Angeles 1 91001

Imagine the fun and enchantment of experiencing the wedding dance from the musical “Fiddler on the Roof” recreated at your wedding celebration. The excitement begins with the surprise entrance of our comic rabbi. His warm and friendly humor about the newlyweds, based on information that you provide, is a wonderful icebreaker. Then, our elegant dancing rabbis glide across the floor to beautiful music, balancing wine bottles atop their hats to the wonder of all. Our amazingly acrobatic performance culminates when you and your guests join our bottle dancers for a fabulous upbeat Hora, that famous circle dance that anyone can easily perform. The Amazing Bottle Dancers are a terrific addition to your DJ or Band. We’ve been creating magical memories for happy couples for over a decade, now it’s your turn. Visit to view our exciting videos.

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