Chef Kathi Alice Saks, Inc

3326 Halelani Dr Honolulu 1 96822
3326 Halelani Dr Honolulu 1 96822

People always ask us what is different about Chef Kathi and Hawaii Private Chef? First and foremost, when you hire us, you get Chef Kathi. We combine our desire for flavor with our design degree to create a unique look of elegance when the occasion calls for it and fun when our client’s desires run in that direction. At Chef Kathi, we think outside the box. We are not a restaurant, we are designers who bring food and flair to each and every Wedding. Chef Kathi’s philosophy: I would not want chaffing dishes at my wedding why would I do that at yours? Not every wedding is a buffet, but every guest deserves and expects fantastic, memorable food and service. We are a boutique wedding resource. We love to work with couples who appreciate someone who pays attention to every detail and will co-ordinate the food, color and presentation with the stylings of the florist, table designer and other wedding vendors. We tailor all our menus to our couple’s dreams and desires and start there. Nothing we do comes from a list. Please contact us and let us show you how a Private Chef can make your day memorable.

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