William Pollock Clothing

Stroudsburg 1 18360
Stroudsburg 1 18360

Why rent a tuxedo for that big day, spend hundreds of dollars and then return it the next day? William Pollock Clothing provides men’s custom tailored suits, shirts, and neckwear for grooms and groomsmen. We have pre-set and custom wedding packages to save money from our already affordable pricing. Why make your groomsmen pay hundreds of dollars for something they cannot keep, when for just a little more they have a suit they can wear for years more.

Our style consultants meet directly with clients, and can accomodate individual or group fittings. We have various options of formalwear, including tuxedo options.

If the groom or groom’s family is footing the bill on menswear, what better groomsmen gift than to give a custom tailored suit!

Please note: Lead time on custom clothing is typically 6-8 weeks to ensure precision before the big day.