There’s something cute and subversive about Mrs. and Mrs. themed items, even if you or your partner don’t totally identify with the bride or Mrs. label. It can feel kind of like a reclaiming, a way of making space for queer people among a sea of Mr. and Mrs. champagne flutes, bath towels and T-shirts. If you’re looking for Mrs. and Mrs. ideas for your wedding—whether as favors, gifts or decorations—we’re here to help you get started with 15 ideas.

Mrs. and Mrs. mugs

Mrs. and Mrs. coffee mugs Valentine's Day gift guide LGBTQ community Equally Wed
Photo via “Queer your Valentine’s Day with gifts by the LGBTQ+ community

The LGBTQ-owned Bold Look Apparel’s adorable Mrs. and Mrs. coffee mugs are the best way to sip your morning cup of tea or coffee after you wake up in newlywed bliss.

Mrs. and Mrs. wedding forks

Photo via Etsy

You can use adorable Mrs. and Mrs. wedding forks by ethanjane on Etsy at your wedding or save them if you’re partaking in cake later on (including the bizarre tradition of eating a slice a year later).

Mrs. and Mrs. T-shirts

Rustic castle wedding at Guernsey State Park in Wyoming lesbian two brides Mrs. Mrs. tank tops
Photo via “Rustic castle wedding at Guernsey State Park in Wyoming

If you’re changing into something more comfortable, Mrs. and Mrs. T-shirts are a great way to remind everyone (including yourselves) that a wedding is happening while still relaxing.

Mrs. flip flops

Photo via Etsy

Technically these Mrs. flip-flops by LazySundayFootwear on Etsy aren’t a Mrs. and Mrs. item, but you could buy two pairs if you’re having a beach or summer wedding. Kick off your flip-flops and enjoy married life!

Mrs. and Mrs. cake topper

Bright fall sunflower wedding Mrs. and Mrs. wedding cake
Photo via “Bright fall sunflower wedding

A simple black Mrs. and Mrs. cake topper goes really nicely with a colorfully decorated cake. If you’re going for a whimsical and bold cold, you might want one of these on top.

Mrs. and Mrs. champagne flutes


Photo via Bed Bath & Beyond

This set of Olivia & Oliver Mrs. and Mrs. champagne flutes is ideal for toasting at the wedding or for celebratory cheers after the fact. They also make great gifts.

Mrs. and Mrs. table sign

Photo via Etsy

This table sign by SimplySpecialBoutiq on Etsy makes great decor for your sweetheart table, guestbook table or anywhere in the wedding you’d like.

Mrs. and Mrs. cake topper with people

Spiritual geometry-themed wedding Mrs. and Mrs. wedding cake topper
Photo via “Spiritual geometry-themed wedding

If your cake is on the simple side, then you can go wild with a more elaborate cake topper and include people. Many places even customize the people—you can change hairstyles, attire and including pets!

LGBTQ+ photo booth props

Photo via Etsy

Grab some photo booth props that are specific to your LGBTQ+ wedding, including fun signs that say Mrs. & Mrs. or Love Wins. You and your guests can celebrate the occasion with pride! We highly recommend including biodegradable glitter somewhere in there.

Mrs. and Mrs. signs

botanical garden lesbian wedding
Photo via “Florida botanical garden lesbian wedding

Signs for you and your partner or signs that you can throw on the back of your chairs to just soak in the joy that yup, you’re Mrs. and Mrs. now.

Mrs. and Mrs. ring dish

Photo via “Surf’s up: A beach engagement photo session

This Two’s Company Mrs. and Mrs. ring dish is an adorable way to stash your rings when you’re not wearing them!

Mrs. and Mrs. banner

moss and gold tea party mrs and mrs banner
Photo via “Moss and gold tea party

Pick out a fun banner and hang it anywhere at your wedding—in the reception hall, over the cake and dessert table or at the photo booth.