Weddings are an exciting time. Adrenaline is pumping, emotions are high and the dance floor is on fire. Add summer sunshine and warm weather to the mix and you’ve got one hot wedding day (and a lot of sweat). Stay cool with these tips to beat the heat and help you and your guests stay comfortable on your wedding day.


Keep guests properly hydrated with access to water all day. Make sure pitchers of water are available on all dinner tables. Have water on hand at the ceremony, especially if it is being held outdoors. Pass out water bottles (you can even customize the labels with your wedding date).  In addition to helping beat dehydration, water is great for helping prevent a hangover which means guests will be thanking you later.

Deodorant wipes

Have deodorant wipes on hand to refresh after your ceremony or during your reception. Deodorant wipes are perfect for including in your bathroom baskets as well in case guests want to freshen up after breaking a sweat on the dance floor.

Mist booth

Have you ever been to an amusement park on a hot summer day and enjoyed the relief of taking a walk through the booth that sprays a cool mist? You can bring that joy to your wedding day by renting a mist booth to provide guests a place to beat the heat.


Set up a cooling station with fans for guests to have a place to cool off. If a building is available near your venue, see if you can have access to a room with air conditioning so guests, especially the elderly, can have somewhere to relax if the heat gets to be too much for them.