Atlanta-based Terrell and Jarius Joseph will be the first black gay dads featured on the reality TV show Wife Swap, where two families switch spouses for one week, according to Gay Star News.

Terrell, who works in human resources, and Jarius, a sales executive for a technology company, have two-year-old twins named Ashton and Aria. On this week’s episode, which airs tonight at 9/8c on the Paramount Network, the couple will swap with Nina and Matt, a religious couple who have eight children.

“We are so blessed to have done it and hopefully share some positive light on the LGBTI community with much-needed representation,” the couple tells Gay Star News. They hope the episode will offer representation for same-sex parents. Terrell and Jarius already use the platform of their successful YouTube channel and Instagram in positive ways.

Terrell and Jarius aren’t the first gay couple on Wife Swap. In 2005, a gay couple was on the show but the episode never aired because the other couple sued the show’s production company for swapping them with a same-sex couple.

“We wanted to break the stereotype that it is not possible for same-sex couples to raise children,” they say. “Our children are happy, healthy and experiencing much more than we did at that age.”