Planning a wedding is an exciting time, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. No matter what you’re thinking about your wedding, remember that you’re not alone. Chances are, you’re thinking many of these common thoughts.

  1. This is so exciting, I’m getting married!
  2. I can’t wait to start planning a wedding!
  3. Why do people hire wedding planners, I can do this!
  4. I need a wedding planner, I can’t do this.
  5. Do I book my venue first or my photographer?
  6. We have to stick to our budget.
  7. You only get married once, we deserve to splurge.
  8. I can’t wait to get married!
  9. When do I send my save the dates?
  10. Who’s going to walk me down the aisle?
  11. Should we walk down the aisle together?
  12. Is there a book to help me with all this planning?
  13. What am I going to wear?
  14. Maybe my partner and I should match.
  15. How am I supposed to decide on just one outfit?
  16. It’s my day, I can wear five different outfits, right?
  17. Heels or flats?
  18. Buffet or sit-down dinner?
  19. Are three entree choices enough or do I need four?
  20. What about my vegan cousin?
  21. What do I need to ask my caterer?
  22. I can’t wait to cut into our wedding cake.
  23. Or should we do cupcakes.
  24. How many cake layers are too many?
  25. Can each layer be a different flavor?
  26. DJ or band?
  27. I hope everyone dances, I want a dancing wedding.
  28. Open bar!
  29. Open bars cost how much?!
  30. Signature cocktails it is!
  31. What do we want my signature cocktails to be?
  32. How many signature cocktails is too many?
  33. Open bar!
  34. I can totally DIY this wedding.
  35. I’ll order my centerpieces when they go on sale.
  36. What if they sell out?
  37. What was I thinking? I can’t DIY anything.
  38. Do I have to invite the people to my wedding that aren’t supportive?
  39. What if no one comes to my wedding?
  40. What if everyone RSVPs yes?
  41. I can’t wait to register for gifts!
  42. Are we asking for too many gifts?
  43. How cool is that completely unnecessary toaster that burns pictures in your toast?
  44. Add it to the registry!
  45. Is my wedding party too big?
  46. I was in his wedding, does he have to be in mine?
  47. Who tips the vendors the day of the event?
  48. Who can I trust to hold the money at the reception?
  49. Maybe I should just do it myself.
  50. What if everyone leaves before the sparkler exit and we can’t do it?
  51. Who cleans up the venue?
  52. Where do my gifts go?
  53. Should we make the wedding a weekend-long party?
  54. Have I checked the budget recently?
  55. Oh no.
  56. Forget this, let’s elope.
  57. But we’ve worked so hard on planning this wedding.
  58. I can’t wait to get married!